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With a truly great focus on clients Iconis Learning are renowned for being great listeners who take the time to understand the specific challenges of each organisation, team and individual. We focus on the outcomes you seek and build programmes that reflect your requirements. As well as being experienced at all management levels, Iconis Learning operate around the world with diverse and multicultural teams.

We are able to blend experiential, theoretical, and practical learning that results in a more rounded, longer lasting impact. Besides our vast experience of the Public Sector, multinationals and SMEs we are proud of the work we’ve undertaken in the Third Sector – something we feel gives us a broader perspective.

Ultimately we are measured by your success – to ensure we achieve this we’re flexible and deliver as a true partner.


We build, design and deliver highly engaging and interactive training courses to truly develop individuals’ and consequently organisations’, behaviours and skills. These can be modular, building ongoing people development or, for specific issues, can be standalone (e.g. Change Management). We’re flexible and will work with you to develop the right solution for your needs. We are accredited in a wide range of psychometrics, enabling your people to expand their self-awareness and to value differences in others.

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Most organisations, teams and individuals know many of the solutions needed for collaborative transformation, but are often unable to explain them in a clear, logical, unbiased manner, such that only circular heated conversation is generated. By using a professional facilitator with wide ranging experience of businesses and organisations, we have found that whether at Board level, with stakeholder groups or with a team, we can be the catalyst for change. New aligned strategies and plans collectively owned, enable organisations to transform their performance.

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Through the use of our ILM accredited coaches, who also have vast commercial and Third Sector experience, we are able to work with coachees to enable step changes. By building trust, prompting open dialogue and constructively challenging, we create the opportunity for the individual to develop their future direction. This is achieved by the formulation and agreement of coachee goals and expectations. Then comes the exploration of challenges and opportunities ensuring that questioning is drawing out the right level of self-reflection.

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